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Indiana University Bloomington

Did You Know?

The Wall Street Journal notes Kelley is at the forefront in offering a business analytics majorójust as companies demand more employees with an analytics background.

Majors & Minors
Select a major below to see requirements, electives, and recommended academies.

Business Analytics

Business analytics majors leverage data to create more efficient business processes and more accurate performance reporting—helping businesses compete globally. If you have a penchant for mathematics, statistics, modeling, or information systems, you should consider a major or minor in business analytics.

Academies to consider: Strategic Finance, Consumer Marketing, or Supply Chain

  • Major requirements: Select 15 credit hours total including your “outside” courses. All four required courses must be completed.
  • Major electives: Select one of three tracks, then choose three courses from the electives for that track.
  • Outside courses: Select any three additional courses. Choose any courses totaling 4.5 credit hours from Outside Courses, or from the other two tracks other than the track you have chosen.
  • Minor requirements: A total of at least six credit hours are required. Three of the four required courses must be completed.
  • Minor electives: You may choose the remaining required course, or any one of the Outside Courses listed below.
Courses Marketing Track Finance
Supply Chain Track Minor Outside Courses
BUS-K 507 Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling Required  
BUS-S 523 Data Warehousing: Concepts and Management
For 2016 graduates only:
BUS-K 579 Experimental Course: Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization
BUS-K 513 An Introduction to Data Mining Required  
BUS-G 579 Experimental Course: Business Econometrics Required  
BUS-M 503 Applied Marketing Research        
BUS-M 528 Dynamic Modeling of Customer Data    
BUS-M 549 Marketing Intelligence Management        
BUS-M 574 Pricing Management        
BUS-F 508 Real Options in Capital Budgeting        
BUS-F 520 Assett Valuation and Strategy        
BUS-F 525 Corporate Financial Risk Management        
BUS-F 526 Derivative Securities        
BUS-F 540 The Firm in Capital Markets        
BUS-F 541 Spreadsheet Models in Finance    
BUS-P 506 Logistics and Distribution        
BUS-P 512 Revenue Management    
BUS-P 550 Business Process Design        
BUS-P 561 Supply Chain Management        
BUS-A 545 Introduction to Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation      
BUS-A 546 Advanced Financial Statements Analysis & Valuation      
BUS-A 564 Detecting Earnings Management      
BUS-G 570 Thinking Strategically: Game Theory and Business Strategy      
BUS-K 515 Application Development with Visual Basics (VBA)      
BUS-K 579 Experimental Course: Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization