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Indiana University Bloomington

Majors & Minors
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Supply Chain and Operations

If you want to work in operations as a plant, logistics, or procurement manager or otherwise find your niche in a commercial/industrial setting, consider majoring in supply chain and operations. You'll help companies with operating activities crucial to their success. In addition to the supply chain and operations (SCO) major, you can consider an SCO minor.

Academy to consider: Supply Chain

  • Major requirements: You must have at least 15 credit hours total.You must successfully complete all three required courses: P506, P520, and P561.
  • Major electives: Select at least five elective courses.
  • Outside courses: You must have three credit hours outside the SCO major. The following general graduation requirement courses do not qualify as outside courses: A548, L507, X504, X505, X507, X515, X516, and X517.
  • SCO minor requirements: Select at least four courses.
Courses Major
BUS-K 507 Intro to Spreadsheet Modeling    
BUS-K 513 Data Mining    
BUS-K 579 Supply Chain/Operations Experimental Course    
BUS-K 590 Independent Study in Decision Sciences    
BUS-P 506 Logistics and Distribution  
BUS-P 512 Revenue Management  
BUS-P 520 Strategic Sourcing  
BUS-P 550 Business Process Design  
BUS-P 552 Project Management  
BUS-P 561 Supply Chain Management and Technologies  
BUS-P 579 Supply Chain/Operations Experimental Course  
BUS-P 590 Independent Study Operations Management  
BUS-P 591 Production/Operations Project Course