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Indiana University Bloomington

Majors & Minors
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Strategic Analysis of Accounting

With this major, a popular double major, you'll analyze financial reports and develop an understanding of where the numbers come from and how those numbers can improve operating, investing, and financing decisions.

  • Major requirements: Select 15 credit hours total including your “outside” courses.
  • Minor requirements: Select at least six courses.
  • Outside courses: You must have three credit hours outside the accounting major. The following general graduation requirement courses do not qualify as outside courses: A548, X507, X515, X516, and X517.
CoursesMajorMinorOutside Courses
BUS-A 504 Selected Topics in Financial Accounting 
BUS-A 527 Taxes and Financial Statements 
BUS-A 540 Financial Accounting Concepts 
BUS-A 545 Introduction to Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation 
BUS-A 546 Advanced Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation 
BUS-A 547 Strategic Tax Planning 
BUS-A 562 Advanced Financial Accounting 
BUS-A 564 Detecting Earnings Management 
BUS-A 570 Structuring Acquisitions: Accounting Advisory Services 
BUS-A 576 Strategic Cost Management 
BUS-A 590 Independent Study in Accounting 
BUS-F 508 Valuation of Real Options
BUS-F 526 Derivative Securities
BUS-F 509 Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions
BUS-F 520 Asset Valuation and Strategy
BUS-F 540 The Firm in the Capital Market
BUS-F 546 Corporate Financial Strategy
BUS-F 548 Corporate Governance and Restructuring
BUS-G 570 Thinking Strategically: Game Theory & Business Strategy  
BUS-K 507 Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling  
BUS-W 508 Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
BUS-K 509 Spreadsheet Modeling for Marketing
BUS-M 511 Marketing Performance and Productivity Analysis  
BUS-S 518 Managing Information Risk and Security
BUS-S 544 Executive Leadership of IT Strategy
BUS-W 550 Management Consulting
BUS-W 578 Managing the Merger & Acquisition Process