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Indiana University Bloomington

Majors & Minors
Select a major below to see requirements, electives, and recommended academies.


Management majors help define corporate vision and strategy, achieving goals and ensuring the ability to compete globally. Our management majors have gone on to such companies as McKinsey & Co., Deloitte Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young.

Recommended Academies: Entrepreneurial Innovation, Supply Chain, or Consulting

  • Major requirements: Select 15 credit hours total including your electives and “outside” courses. Only 1.5 credits in Emerging Markets Experience or GLOBASE can count towards the management major.
  • Minor requirements: A total of at least six credit hours are required.
  • Major electives: Select at least five elective courses.
  • Minor electives: Select at least three elective courses.
  • Outside courses: Select any four additional courses from the MBA Program outside of the management major. The following general graduation requirement courses do not qualify as outside courses: A548, X507, X515, X516, and X517.
Courses Major Minor Elective Outside Courses
BUS-J 501 Developing Strategic Capabilities Required    
BUS-D 503 International Business Environment      
BUS-D 504 Operations of International Business      
BUS-D 594 International Competitive Strategy      
BUS-D 595 International Management      
BUS-J 522 Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation      
BUS-W 505 Power, Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation      
BUS-W 508 Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development      
BUS-W 511 Venture Strategy      
BUS-W 520 Turnaround Management      
BUS-W 532 Organization Design Alternatives      
BUS-W 550 Management Consulting      
BUS-W 578 Managing the Merger & Acquisition Process (Note: Only for students who are also finance or accounting majors, A570 can be substituted for W578)      
BUS-Z 525 Organizational Behavior & Leadership      
BUS-A 545 Introduction to Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation      
BUS-A 576 Strategic Cost Management      
BUS-F 508 Real Options in Capital Budgeting      
BUS-F 520 Asset Valuation & Strategy      
BUS-F 546 Corporate Financial Strategy      
BUS-F 548 Corporate Governance & Restructuring      
BUS-G 570 Thinking Strategically: Game Theory & Business Strategy      
BUS-K 507 Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling      
BUS-K 513 Data Mining      
BUS-L 508 Legal Issues in HR Management      
BUS-L 509 Legal Issues in HRM: Health, Family, and Privacy      
BUS-L 538 Advanced Negotiations and Dispute Resolution      
BUS-M 503 Applied Marketing Research      
BUS-M 512 Marketing Strategy      
BUS-M 513 Marketing Strategy Simulation      
BUS-M 530 Business Marketing Strategy & Management      
BUS-M 594 Global Marketing Management      
BUS-P 506 Logistics & Distribution      
BUS-P 507 Enterprise Resource Management      
BUS-P 520 Strategic Sourcing      
BUS-P 550 Business Process Design      
BUS-P 561 Supply Chain Management & Technologies      
BUS-S 523 Data Warehousing: Concepts & Management      
BUS-X 574 GLOBASE: Field Study Course or BUS-X 576 Emerging Market Experience (EME) Field Study Course