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Indiana University Bloomington

Second-year Academies
Select an optional second-year Academy to further develop your entrepreneurial or leadership skills.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Whether you want to start your own venture, help a company grow, or join the expanding field of corporate innovation, you’ll gain unparalleled insight through the Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy—part of the top entrepreneurial program in the nation.

Learn how to raise capital, analyze company and industry gaps, and meet corporate innovators, venture capitalists, and angel investors from around the country through projects and Kelley’s annual Velocity Conference. Held in California, the strength of Kelley’s reputation attracts top entrepreneurs to this annual conference, dedicated to the acceleration of entrepreneurial careers.

Academy Director

Donald F. Kuratko, the Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship, professor of entrepreneurship, and executive director of the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is considered the national leader in the entrepreneurial field.