Charles Schwab Wealth Management Workshop

Financial planners and wealth managers help individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses meet their financial goals. They analyze the financial health of clients, solve financial problems, and establish strategies for meeting goals. They serve as advisors, counselors, and consultants. Employment opportunities in this area are growing twice that of the national average of other opportunities.

The Charles Schwab Wealth Management Workshop prepares students for careers in financial planning and wealth management. Specifically, it prepares students to take the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification, which is the key gateway to such a career. Workshop members also receive professional development opportunities, including guidance and training with Kelley School of Business alumni and other professionals in the field. These professionals are in industries where the Workshop training is in high demand such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage house, and financial planning firms.

Workshop Courses

Courses that count toward the Kelley finance major:

Workshop Time Commitment

To be in good standing in the Workshop, a Workshop member must show a commitment to attending the joint meetings of the Workshop and the Financial Planning Association Club.  For the meetings, there is an attendance requirement. Members who miss more meetings than allowed will first receive a warning and, if the behavior persists, could be removed from the Workshop.

Workshop Faculty

Erik Benrud

Clinical Professor

Charles Schwab Distinguished Clinical Professor

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Greg Renn

Greg Renn

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