Business Analytics Consulting Workshop

  • The workshop includes one course, which will be taken by students typically in the second semester of their junior or senior year, when they would have taken a few courses in the business analytics co-major. The student should have taken at least two of the following courses: K327 (or S364), G350, K353 or G492.
  • By employing a tangible project within the course, the course will provide an experiential learning opportunity into the lifecycle of business analytics consulting.

Workshop Application and Admission

Juniors or seniors during their fall semester.

Good academic credentials, including leadership involvement, and a passion for business analytics.

BACW is held in the spring semester. Applications are open from September 21 – October 7 at 5:00pm EST.

The application and interview process takes place in the fall semester, prior to the registration period for spring classes.

Final decisions will be communicated to the students by mid-October.

Required Courses

  • BUS-BE 481 (K481/G481): Business Analytics Consulting Workshop (3 credits)

Workshop Time Commitment

The BAC workshop will be unique for the undergraduate students from many perspectives. It seeks to bring business analytics consulting in career development for Kelley’s undergraduate students. Additionally, the BAC workshop seeks to introduce practice-oriented management frameworks in the class, which will enhance learning experiences for our undergraduate students.

Workshop Faculty

Kari Johnson

Senior Lecturer of Operations & Decision Technologies

Kimball International, Inc. Distinguished Lecturer

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Eric McDermott

Senior Lecturer in Business Economics and Public Policy

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