BUS-X170 How Business Works

Start building momentum before classes begin.

Your first Kelley School course—BUS-X170 How Business Works—provides the foundation for your smooth transition to the Kelley School of Business and your future academic success. You’ll learn about real-world business practices in a variety of disciplines, from operations and management to marketing and finance.  

Offered online during the summer before your first semester, this course gives you:

  • A head start on your business education
  • Valuable early access to Kelley faculty
  • An understanding of faculty expectations
  • Familiarity using IU technology

Intro to BUS-X170: How Business Works

How Business Works helps Direct Admit students transition to the Kelley School of Business and builds a foundation for success. Offered online during the summer before the first semester, this course gives students an understanding of real-world business practices in a variety of disciplines, from operations and management to marketing and finance.

Jenna Burd, BS’23

Hailey Hudson, BS’23

Neliya Nyirenda, BS’23

You'll join the class online in a live virtual classroom: all you need is a computer with Wi-Fi, a microphone, and a webcam. The course will utilize CANVAS, Zoom, and TopHat. The course offers plenty of flexibility in terms of when you can engage with the learning materials, as well as flexibility for students in time zones around the world.

Course activities will begin on Monday, July 12th with a live, interactive introduction to the course. Several weeks before this date, you will be invited to engage with the course materials, which will be posted in TopHat. This is a tool similar to faculty/student interfaces you may have used in high school. You will also receive a link to the first Webinar on Monday, July 12th. at 1:00 PM ET. This link will allow you to join the discussion and get better clarity about course requirements.

All webinars will be recorded, so, while attendance at live sessions is encouraged, it is not required. In the month of August you will be working in teams and need to have the ability to interact with your teammates via a digital connection. Accommodations will be made for Camp Kelley Attendees.

Need help with Canvas, Zoom, or Top Hat? Follow the links below.

You are pre-enrolled in BUS-X170 as a Direct Admit to the Kelley School. The course fee is included as part of your fall semester bursar bill, as it will be a part of the 12 to 21 credit hours you will take during the fall semester (there will be no summer charges).

  • Look for an email invite welcoming you to the course, providing the webinar link, and telling you how to access TopHat materials.
  • Mark your calendar for Monday, July 12, at 1:00 PM ET, and attend the webinar! Do your best not to miss this introduction, but if you do, please go back and watch the recording.

What kind of computer/technology is needed?

A computer with Wi-Fi, a microphone, and a webcam

How much time is required for this course?

This course requires approximately five hours of work per week.

What are the benefits of taking BUS-X170?

  • Getting up to speed on all IU classroom technology
  • Exposure to Kelley faculty from different disciplines
  • Interdisciplinary understanding of “How Business Works”
  • Exposure to I-Core faculty (you may see one or more of your instructors again)
  • Introduction to IU research databases and materials
  • Intensive summer bridge to your IU/Kelley experience
    • Research shows that students who participate in a summer bridge experience are more successful in their first semester at college
  • Course is included in the 12 to 21 credit hours you will take in the fall semester (no summer charges) 

What if I am traveling or working during some of the course?

You can access this course anywhere, as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and a computer. If you are going to be traveling for more than one week without access to Wi-Fi, you may want to drop this course.

What am I missing if I cannot take this course due to conflicts?

You will not be penalized in any way if you are unable to take this course due to traveling or other unavoidable conflicts. This course is not required for any student.

Can I take both BUS-X170 and an Intensive Freshmen Seminar (IFS) course?

Unfortunately, no. Students will have to make a choice between BUS-X170 and IFS due to the conflicts in timing and the workload in each of these intersession courses. You are welcome to talk with an advisor to get recommendations regarding which course would best fit your situation.

What if I need to drop this course?

You can drop this course, after your NSO date, by going to your Student Center. You will not receive a “W” on your transcript for dropping the course, however you will need to drop it by Thursday, August 12. If you have additional questions about this process, email busadv@indiana.edu

If I can’t take X170 now, can I take it in the fall?

The course runs only during the few weeks prior to the start of the fall semester, and is for the newest Kelley Direct Admits only.