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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

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You can work towards becoming a CFA charterholder while pursuing your degree at Kelley—a Chartered Financial Analyst Program Partner.

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Finance Curriculum

What is finance?

This major includes study in four main areas:

  1. Corporate finance involves analyzing the profitability of new prospects in which a corporation may invest and decide how to raise money for the corporation (debt, equity, retained earnings).
  2. Investments involves determining what fraction of your money to put into stocks, bonds, and other investments in order to obtain the highest amount of return per amount of risk taken.
  3. Banking involves analyzing whether various loan applicants are sufficiently credit worthy to assure loan repayment as well as other issues in managing a bank or financial intermediary.
  4. International finance involves working in finance outside of the United States or working in finance in the U.S. arm of a multinational corporation.

What are your career possibilities?

Options include financial analyst at a corporation, broker at an investment firm, loan officer at a bank, stock broker, insurance agent, or real estate agent.

What degrees are offered in finance at Kelley?

Where can you get more information?

Visit the Department of Finance or the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Bulletin.