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Indiana University Bloomington

The Kelley Advantage

Top companies from around the nation hire from the Kelley MBA Program, resulting in 100% of our students earning internships and more than 95% receiving job offers within three months of graduation. No wonder in 2012 the Financial Times ranked us fourth in the world for job placement and, based on student votes, Bloomberg Businessweek ranked our career services number one.

Did You Know

In the 2011-12 academic year, 100% of our first-year MBA class worked in internships—many for top companies at top compensation levels. Learn more»


In a challenging economic environment, members of the MBA Class of 2012 were able to find positions in every industry and at comparable salaries to students in previous years. The data below provides more information about class demographics, historical compensation trends, and compensation by function and geographic region.

MBA Class of 2012 Student Profile

Class Breakdown
Class Size209
Average Age28
Average Years of FT Employment Experience5
Average GMAT664
Undergraduate Major
Business Administration49%
Social Sciences and Humanities25%
Science and Engineering23%
Compensation Summary for Full-Time Employment, 2012

Base Salary$99,500$95,000$89,000$92,000
Signing Bonus$20,000$18,000$16,000$16,000
Other Guaranteed Compensation$10,000$12,000$16,000$13,000

Note: "Other guaranteed compensation" may include other taxable payroll compensation such as a guaranteed annual bonus and overtime compensation.

Compensation by Function for Full-Time Employment
% Accepting New Jobs in Specific Industries
Compensation by Function for Full-Time MBA, 2012
Industry% Accepting New JobsBase Salary (Median)Base Salary (Range)
General Management10.7%$100,000$28,000–$108,000

Compensation by Industry for Full-Time MBA, 2012 
Industry% Accepting New JobsBase Salary (Median)Base Salary (Range)
Consulting17.2%$111,600$65,000 - $135,000
Consumer Products21.3%$95,000$28,000 - $115,000
Financial Services16.0%$100,000$65,000 - $125,000
Manufacturing20.1%$94,500$70,000 - $105,000
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology6.5%$97,500$71,000 - $111,000
Technology9.5%$98,000$60,000 - $120,000
Other9.4%$95,000$85,000 - $100,000

NOTE: "Other" includes all industries with 2% or fewer students reporting acceptances.

Compensation by Geographic Region for Full-Time Employment, 2012
Geographic Region% Accepting New JobsBase Salary (Median)Base Salary (Range)
International7.8%$71,000$28,000 - $100,000
Mid-Atlantic7.7%$102,500$60,000 - $111,000
Midwest53.8%$100,000$65,000 - $135,000
Northeast12.4%$100,000$70,000 - $130,000
South4.7%$94,500$89,000 - $130,000
Southwest4.7%$95,000$90,000 - $105,000
West8.9%$102,000$70,000 - $133,000