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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

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Kelley Living Learning Center

The KLLC is a diverse community of motivated first-year business students, as well as IU freshmen interested in business, who participate in a residential program that focuses on personal, academic, and professional development.

In the KLLC, you’ll stay busy with evening programs, study groups, and travel excursions. You’ll discover that your fellow residents aren’t just some of the best friends you’ll make at IU—they’re campus leaders and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and business trailblazers.

The three-prong growth program

The KLLC has developed a personal, academic, and professional development program that will help you identify your strengths, interests, and talents—giving you a jump start on your success as an aspiring business leader. It will also provide you with opportunities to:
  • Attend biweekly evening programs on leadership, ethics, global awareness, and networking
  • Lunch with deans, faculty, and staff
  • Network and dine with CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs
  • Meet recruiters
  • Build experience by planning social events and cultural celebrations
  • Be mentored by experienced 3/2 MBA students and other seasoned Kelley students
  • Access professional mentoring and advising

This interaction and support will help you chart your academic and career goals, and let you maximize the resources available as both a KLLC resident and a Kelley business student.

A schedule that’s full and rewarding

The KLLC experience isn’t for everyone. It will keep you active and involved around the clock. However, if you are selected to live in the KLLC, it will be worth it.

You’ll have the attention of our corporate recruiters and partners from the time you arrive. They keep an eye on our KLLC students because they recognize them as a dynamic, inclusive group of active and engaged students who embrace learning inside and outside the classroom.

How to apply

The 2015-16 IU housing application is open until May 1. You are encouraged to apply for housing and KLLC assignment as soon as you know you are interested in the KLLC. There is very limited space for applications received after the May 1 IU housing priority deadline.

Indicate your preference for the KLLC when you complete your IU housing application. After doing so, you’ll gain access to KLLC-specific application essay questions. Essay responses are typically 150200 words.

Based on space limitations—and an effort to maintain a diverse and collaborative community—only 50 percent of our applicants receive assignments in the KLLC.

The KLLC selection process involves a two-round review of your application. In round one, the KLLC admissions team evaluates the thoughtfulness and completeness of your essays. After review, you may be notified that your application has been approved for consideration.

Note: This notification only informs you that you’ve made it to the second round of consideration.

If you are selected for assignment to the KLLC, you’ll be notified by June 1.

Remember that the KLLC is about building community, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll honor all roommate requests. For consideration, you and your proposed roommate must both be approved for our community and your living preferences must be identical.

For more information on applying to the Kelley Living Learning Center, please e-mail or call (812) 855-0468.