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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Kelley Scholars Program

The Kelley Scholars program is one of the country’s premier undergraduate business scholarships. The award supplements other IU funding received at the time of admission to provide about 10 outstanding incoming freshmen students who are Indiana residents with:

  • four years of standard tuition and fees
  • a stipend for living expenses
  • a study abroad opportunity

The Kelley Scholars Program is funded by a $23 million gift from the late E. W. Kelley and his family, made to IU in fall 1997. The university named its school of business for the Kelley family in acknowledgement of the gift. Kelley was founder and managing partner of Kelley & Partners Ltd., and chairman of Consolidated Products Inc. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration at the IU School of Business in 1939.

Scholarship Conditions

Once you are selected for this prestigious program, we have high expectations for you:

  • Kelley Scholars must remain in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.5, while carrying a minimum course load of 12 credit hours each semester.
  • They must remain business majors at IU Bloomington.
  • They must participate fully in all aspects of the Kelley Scholars Program, including extracurricular activities.
  • Kelley Scholars are required to be a part of the Business Honors Program in the Kelley School of Business.


Like all first-year students on the IU Bloomington campus (with a few exceptions), Kelley Scholars are expected to live on campus their first year. The stipend remains the same regardless of where a Kelley Scholar chooses to live.


Of course, Kelley Scholars have full access to the wide selection of majors and concentrations offered by the Kelley School and Indiana University Bloomington. Business advisors work closely with each scholar to tailor an academic program in line with each student’s needs and abilities.

Extracurricular Programs

Each year, Kelley Scholars will be offered a series of special programs and informal gatherings with faculty, alumni, and distinguished business leaders. These programs offer opportunities for networking with outstanding scholars and business executives throughout the year.

Special Opportunities

Kelley Scholars will take advantage of one of the Kelley School’s study abroad opportunities, learning valuable business skills in a foreign country. Also, the scholars are required to participate in the Business Honors Program, which gives you access to honors courses and other perks such as team building and leadership development exercises.  

Before You Apply—Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible to receive the Selective Scholarship Application to apply for the Kelley Scholars Program, students must meet the following guidelines and provide all necessary documentation.

  • Submit a complete application for admission by November 1 of the senior year of high school.
  • Indicate a business major as the intended major on the application for admission (see application packet for list of majors).
  • Score at least 1350 SAT (combined critical reading and math) or 32 ACT.
  • Minimum 3.8 GPA is required
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be an Indiana resident

*If the high school does not provide class rank, the IU Office of Admissions will recommend for consideration those students who have appropriate test scores and strong academic performance.