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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Student Spotlight

Mike Ditts

Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, International Business

“Kelley classes create an environment that fosters team collaboration. During a summer internship I began to understand why I need the ability to work well with others. Our classes train us to collaborate in ways that will prove incredibly beneficial throughout my career.”


We’ll prepare you for today’s business world—and tomorrow’s.

Kelley’s world-renowned faculty agree: in business, there’s no better teacher than experience.

We’ve built our curriculum to reflect this philosophy. 

In addition to the out-of-classroom experiences you can gain from studying abroad, interning, and participating in Kelley student life, your classes will give you hands-on, real-world experience in marketing, finance, operations, management, ethics, and global business—no matter what you major in.

  • Global Foundations Core: Your G-Core classes will arm you with strategies for analyzing and interpreting the controlling factors of the world economy. Many students will want to consider the optional embedded travel experience that is part of G-Core.
  • Integrative Core Prerequisites: These prerequisites, along with your general education courses, will prepare you for the I-Core—a semester-long experience that includes an intensive 10-day, real-world, global business case study.
  • Kelley Compass: These classes—the talent management component of the Kelley curriculum—will help you tie all of your experiences together. Over the course of your first three years, you’ll work with faculty, business professionals, and student teams to define your values and your goals, refine your interpersonal and teamwork abilities, and develop the practical, professional skills and tools required to succeed in business. 

And finally, classes from the Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills area will give you expertise in the use of analytical computer software and the finesse to talk about it all.

What you’ll find through all of this is that what you discover about business in one class will strengthen your understanding of it in the next. Most of all, you’ll discover that the experience you gain during your career at Kelley will be so comprehensive and dynamic that it will stand up to any economic climate.