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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Applying for I-Core

To apply for I-Core, you must:

  • Be admitted to the Kelley School (at least by the ICORE term)
  • Have junior standing (completed or enrolled in at least 56 credits before ICORE starts)
  • Have completed all I-Core prerequisites for your degree program, with minimum grades of C, and be enrolled in your final I-Core prerequisites

Your prerequisites are determined by the year you matriculated to IU Bloomington and are listed in your Kelley Undergraduate Academic Bulletin.

You can also visit your Kelley academic advisor to learn more.


If you miss the application deadline, you will not be given permission to register for I-Core until the end of the registration period. At that time, you will have a very limited selection of I-Core schedules.

If you are a student in the Business Honors Program do not fill out this application. Meet with your advisor to get authorization to enroll in I-Core.

Registering for I-Core

After you have received permission to enroll in I-Core, register at your regular enrollment date and time for the upcoming semester. You’ll enroll for the entire I-Core block of classes by using BUS-BE 375 and then selecting the class number of the preferred schedule.

Summer I-Core Prerequisites

If you are enrolling in Fall I-Core, you may complete I-Core prerequisites during the summer as long as course grades are submitted to IU by August 15th.

On the initial I-Core application, you should note where and when your summer prerequisite courses are being taken. If you are taking summer I-Core prerequisites outside the IU system, check with the IU Admissions Credit Transfer Service to make sure your courses will transfer correctly.

Since summer courses taken outside the IU system will usually not post to your record in time to meet the August 19th deadline, make arrangements with your instructor to have your course grades faxed to the Kelley School at (812) 855-0212, by August 15th, in order to hold your seats

in I-Core. Or, you can bring/send a copy of your transcript, showing the final grade, to Joyce Hanson in HH 224.

In addition, you must also ask the registrar at a non-IU school to send an official transcript to IUB Admissions (300 North Jordan, Bloomington, IN 47405) so the courses can be posted to your transcript. It is your responsibility to see that the course grades are received by Kelley by the deadline, and that the courses get posted to your transcript.

To get the "I-Core Survival Kit" for information about summer prerequisite faxes, go to HH 254 or communicate with Joyce Hanson (