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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

I-Core Application and Enrollment Information

Am I eligible to apply for I-Core?

You are eligible to apply for I-Core as long as the following requirements will be met prior to the start of your intended I-Core semester:

  • You will have successfully completed at least 56 credits
  • You will have successfully completed all I-Core pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or better
  • You will have successfully been admitted to the Kelley School of Business

How do I apply for I-Core?

  • Complete the application for the term in which you plan to take I-Core:
  • Submit the application
  • Check for your confirmation email to ensure your application was successfully submitted.
    • If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes, please resubmit the I-Core application.

What happens next? How do I enroll in I-Core?

  • Once your application is submitted, your academic coursework will be reviewed to ensure it meets all of the necessary standards including all pre-requisite course enrollment, grade minimums, and required credit hours.
    • If you meet the necessary standards, you will be granted permission to enroll in BUS-BE 375 (I-Core).
    • If you do not meet the necessary standards, you will be contacted by email.
  • At your assigned enrollment date and time indicated in your OneStart Student Center, you will be able to enroll in any open section of BUS-BE 375.
    • You must enroll in the block of courses which includes all components of I-Core and BUS-T 375. You cannot enroll in individual components of I-Core such as BUS-M 370.
    • Additionally, you cannot waitlists sections of BUS-BE 375.
    • You can only use the BUS-BE 375 permission once for each section. If you drop a section of BUS-BE 375 to enroll in another section, you cannot attempt to add the dropped section of BUS-BE 375 at a later time.

What if I am taking a course at another institution?

  • If you are taking an I-Core pre-requisite outside of the IU system, first use the IU Credit Transfer Service to confirm the course will transfer as the exact I-Core pre-requisite course you need.
    • Credit Transfer Service:
  • On your initial I-Core application, make note of where and when you are completing the course.
  • If your course, credit, and grade will not be posted on your IUB transcript prior to the start of the I-Core semester, you must do one of the following by the deadlines listed below:
    • Deliver an official sealed transcript to Joyce Hanson at HH 2030
    • Mail an official sealed transcript to Joyce Hanson
    • Have your school fax an official transcript to Joyce Hanson
    • Email Joyce Hanson with an escrip-SAFE notification-PDF Official Transcript
    • Have your instructor write and sign a letter on school letterhead. This letter should include your final grade, course, date, and semester completed. This letter can be mailed or faxed to Joyce Hanson.
  • The deadlines to submit a copy of your transcript to the Kelley School of Business are:
    • Fall I-Core: August 14th
    • Spring I-Core: January 4th
    • Summer I-Core: May 5th
    • Note: Failure to submit proof of successful completion of remaining I-Core pre-requisites will result in an administrative removal from I-Core.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Joyce Hanson, I-Core Administrator
1309 E. Tenth Street, HH 2030
Bloomington, IN 47405-1701
Fax: 812-855-0212

I am having trouble with my application, what should I do?

  • Complete the application in the Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Complete the application using an on-campus computer
  • If, after trying both suggestions above, you are still having issues, email and include a screenshot of the error or issue