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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Information & Process Management Curriculum

What is information & process management?

This major is a blend of computer information systems and business process management.  Students will learn how to use current technology effectively and be knowledgeable about the integrated flow of materials and paper work in manufacturing and service operations.  The field requires graduates who can "make the connection" between people, technology, systems, and business practices. Graduates are trained to help ensure that organizations can reap the benefits of information systems and processes in competitive and volatile marketplaces.

What are your career possibilities?

Options include designing/managing the technical operations of a complex, computer-controlled manufacturing firm; providing technical support for large-scale retailers and/or distributors; designing/managing technology that supports investment portfolios; and banking.  Additional options include systems analysts, systems programmers, systems designers, database administrators, data analysts, and managers of information systems.

What degrees are offered in information systems at Kelley?

Where can you get more information?

Visit the Department of Operations and Decision Technologies or the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Bulletin.