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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Organizations and Resources

Diversity organizations and resources offered by KODI, Kelley, and IU.

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Diversity News and Events

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Diversity Initiatives

The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives is more than an office—it’s a community.

The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives (KODI) serves and celebrates the rich diversity of Kelley’s student body. Historically underrepresented students—or any student with a passion for diversity and inclusion—will find a home away from home at KODI. We provide a community for students to come together and feel supported, welcomed, and affirmed.

The Triad Mentoring Program

If you are a pre-Kelley or first-year student, you can apply for the Triad Mentoring Program:

  • You’ll partner with a Kelley sophomore, junior, or senior and benefit from your mentor’s experience as a Kelley student.
  • As part of this mentor/mentee team, you’ll also have an MBA student mentor and learn from their business and graduate-level education experience.
  • Gain special access to formalized monthly evening programs delivered by Kelley corporate sponsors. Each focuses on different business topics that include diversity in a corporate culture, from effective public speaking to personal branding and more.

If you are a Kelley sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student interested in building leadership skills and giving back to the KODI community apply to be a mentor.

Contact: Send your mentee or mentor application to Nissy Stetson-Grace—she can also answer your questions.

The KODI Student Advisory Board

Build your leadership capacity and work closely with Kelley staff and administrators by serving on the KODI Student Advisory Board which addresses your voice, your needs, and the needs of the KODI student body.

You’ll build experience by developing Kelley community and campus programs such as:

  • Diversity Day: Profile three different countries in the Kelley Hall of Honor to promote awareness and inclusion.
  • KODI Homecoming Dinner: Connect alumni with current students.
  • The production of the biannual KODI newsletter, outreach to prospective high school students, and much more. 

To serve, you’ll need to be recommended by a current board, faculty, or staff member. Then you’ll be sent an official application which will be processed by existing board members and KODI staff.

Contact: Nissy Stetson-Grace if you have questions or need more information.

The Fry Scholars Program

The esteemed Fry Scholarship, geared toward historically underrepresented groups, is one of several scholarships available to admitted Kelley students. KODI provides services, programs, and support to the Fry Scholars Program. If you’re selected as a Fry Scholar, you'll be provided with an academic advisor, an upper-class mentor, and social and professional development events throughout the year.

Preparing high school students for business

Learn more about Kelley’s pre-college program MEET Kelley, designed for high school students from historically underrepresented groups.