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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Student Spotlight

Sabrina Alvarez

“Kelley is like my home away from home. The professors are personable, and whether I have a question about my schedule, internships, or just a simple finite math question, someone is here to help me.”

Pre-College Programs

Experience life as a business student—while still in high school.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future.

In fact, if you’re a hardworking sophomore or junior high school student who’s already putting serious thought into what you want to do in life after college, odds are, you’d make an ideal Kelley candidate.

If you are interested in studying business in college, consider participating in one of our two highly selective week-long summer programs:

The Young Women’s Institute is open to women who are finishing their junior year in high school.

The MEET Kelley program is open to high school students from underrepresented groups who are finishing their junior year in high school.

The Kelley Up-Next Business Academy is open to high school freshmen through seniors from underrepresented populations.

Each program has its own application requirements, including a minimum GPA. Review the requirements carefully before submitting your application and supplemental materials. Each week is designed to give you a true taste of college life and a solid introduction to the field of business.

If you’re selected for one of the programs, you will:

  • Attend workshops led by top-notch faculty
  • Prepare a business project
  • Meet with current students
  • Have experienced graduate students serve as your chaperones
  • Build strong social bonds through team-building activities and social events
  • Tour the beautiful IU campus

Both institutes are fully funded, compliments of Kelley. As an institute attendee, you’ll only be responsible for the cost of transportation and any personal expenses.  Talk to your parents and/or your guidance counselor if you think you’d make an ideal institute attendee.