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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Academic Bulletin Updates

2004-2006 Updates

Changes to Business Foundations Certificate Application

If you are not a degree candidate, please apply during the first month or semester in which you are enrolled in the final course for completion of the certificate. See complete information.

Business Foundations Certificate Program Course Requirements

The Kelley School of Business offers a 30 credit hour certificate program in the fundamentals of business. All courses required in the Business Foundations Certificate Program are introductory and may be applied toward a four-year degree. Courses used to complete the Business Foundations Certificate may not be taken through correspondence and may not be taken pass/fail.

Economics Requirements (6 cr.)
ECON-E 201 (3 cr.)
ECON-E 202 (3 cr.)

Foundation Course Requirements (9 cr.)
BUS-A 200 (3 cr.)
BUS-F 260 (3 cr.)
BUS-X 100 (3 cr.) OR BUS-G 100

Transfers from Other Indiana University Campuses

Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to the Kelley School of Business should have a clear understanding of our business policies and expectations, so that they can make well- informed decisions regarding their education. Our goal is to ensure that students who do decide to transfer plan well and have adequate preparation for success in our programs.

Transfer students must apply and be admitted to Indiana University and enroll through the University Division for at least their first term on campus. Transfer students are eligible to apply for business admission after they have completed a minimum of one term on the Bloomington campus and all business admission courses. Strong academic performance during the first term(s) on the Bloomington campus is a significant factor in admission decisions for transfer students. Transfer students are not guaranteed the availability of needed courses during their first term. Transfer students must apply for Kelley School of Business admission and be admitted during their first two terms on the IU Bloomington campus.

Transfer students need to understand that changing schools during the course of an undergraduate program often requires an additional one, two, or more terms of course work. Students transferring during the first four terms are less likely to need as much additional time as those transferring during the last four terms. Therefore, we do not recommend transfer after the first four terms of undergraduate work. A student is not eligible to apply for a BS degree until an application period opens after the student has been admitted to the Kelley School of Business on the Bloomington campus.

The Kelley School of Business offers a curriculum that challenges students to master key concepts in the business field and to enhance their skills in using these concepts to confront current-day issues. Faculty and staff devote much time and effort to providing a high-quality education, and students must respond with a similar commitment to be successful in our programs. Students interested in a transfer should carefully consider this as part of their transfer decision.

BUS-L 412 "The Ethical Responsibilities of Business"
This course has been renumbered as BUS-L 312. BUS-L 312 will count wherever BUS-L 412 counted before. The title remains the same. There are no required prerequisities for this course.

BUS-G 300 "Introduction to Managerial Economics"
This course will still exist for non-BEPP majors, but a new course BUS-G 204 "Managerial Economics" will be taught beginning in the Fall 2005. BEPP majors will take BUS-G 304 instead of BUS-G300. The prerequisite for BUS-G 304 is ECON-E 201.