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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Kyle Straub

Carmel IN

Major: Finance
Minor: Spanish

Overseas study:

  • Seville, Spain (Study Abroad/Internship, Summer 2011)
  • Santiago, Chile (Kelley Emerging Economies, March 2011)

Internships/work experience:

  • Advisory – CIO Services Intern (PwC, Summer 2012)
  • International Marketing Intern (Genera Interactive, Summer 2011)
  • Information Technology Intern (Crown Point Graphics, Summer 2010)

Campus involvement/clubs/community activities:

  • Indiana University Student Association (Student Body President and former Student Body Treasurer)
  • Out for Undergraduate Business Conference (Campus Ambassador)
  • Singing Hoosiers (Riser Choreographer & Varsity Dancer)
  • Kelley Undergraduate Consulting Workshop

Career goal: After a couple of years as a management consultant, I hope to attend graduate school to earn a joint MBA/JD degree before returning to my consulting career.  Ten years from now, I see myself having enough exposure to industries and service lines from my time in consulting and the adequate education from graduate school to start my own non-profit business and initiate my philanthropic pursuits.

Best IU experience so far: Having my organization successfully develop, promote, and pass the “Indiana Lifeline Bill,” Senate Bill (SB) 274, into state law.

One thing I want to do before I leave Bloomington/campus: Sleep on a normal schedule for an entire week.

Favorite movie and why: Inception. Christopher Nolan is a genius.

Favorite class at IU and why: “The Scientific Understanding of Sex & Gender.” Throughout the course, I analyzed for the first time the gender binary and pre-constructed expectations of men and women that exist in society as the result of millions of discourses throughout history .  Once I grasped this concept, I realized that what society has constructed to be true is not necessarily correct nor permanent.  The course completely changed my perspective on what I know and why I know it.  Since this class, I have been able to dissect various aspects of my culture that have remained relatively constant, particularly within the realm of sexuality and gender norms, and I now test these pre-constructed ideas while continuously encouraging others to do the same.

Something I’m really passionate about: I am most passionate about advocacy for equal rights.

Something that would surprise people about me (or a fun fact): I made it to the final round of auditions to become a new cast member on Glee in December of 2010!