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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Academic Support

Academic Support

Struggling with your course work or schedule? We can help. As a Kelley student you have an academic, professional, and personal support system.

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Student Spotlight

Patrick Holbrook


“My classes at Kelley have been eye-opening. Never before have I felt as knowledgeable as I do when I leave a classroom here, and never before have I had such a desire to go back the next day. My classes at Kelley challenge me in a way that makes me want to go out and find the answers to unsolved questions.”


Three signature components of the Kelley curriculum will give you the knowledge and the experience to thrive in any industry.

As part of our revolutionary approach to teaching business, you won’t need to finalize your major until you make it through your third year in the program.

Up until that time, your Kelley Compass classes, the Integrative Core (I-Core), and the Global Foundations Core (G-Core) will keep you busy developing a comprehensive knowledge base in each essential division of business. These courses will also help shape your personal brand: what values, beliefs, and passions will inspire future employers, associates, and customers to believe in your vision? What unique strengths will you leverage in teamwork scenarios? How do you become a leader people want to follow?

These classes will help you identify and nurture your most authentic business self while giving you attractive real-world experience.

After moving through this three-year experience, you’ll feel confident that the major you choose will take you wherever you want to go.

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