Global and Domestic Immersions

Broaden your horizons with an immersive experience

Choose a Kelley Direct immersive experience or online course and put yourself at the center of a client’s real-world business situation. You might devise a plan for a small business to identify new markets or consult with Fortune 500 executives on ways to rethink their pricing strategy or supply chain. Through your travels and work, you’ll gain new perspectives about business—and the world.

Gain real-world global experience with global and domestic immersions

With Kelley Direct's global and domestic immersions, you'll combine your online learning with in-person experiences. Each term, you'll have opportunities to travel domestically or internationally to gain real-world business experience, make connections, and develop an innovative mindset to become a better decision maker.

Kelley Direct’s global immersions: Greece and Ireland

With the Kelley Direct Online MBA's global immersion, students combine their online learning with in-person experiences. Each term, students have the option to travel internationally to study a country's business culture or consult with real clients. With each experience—including immersions in Greece and Ireland—Kelley Direct students connect with one another and faculty, creating a network to rely on throughout their careers.

Why take a global or domestic immersion course?

As part of a student team dealing with an unfamiliar locale and culture, a domestic or global immersion experience will accelerate development of your global executive leadership skills as you quickly adapt your business knowledge and make decisions to deliver solutions to complex challenges.

Kelley Direct domestic or global immersion experiences build skills in:

  • Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Cultural and emotional intelligence
  • Data collection, market, and operations research

My team and I worked to evolve the Athens Olympic legacy, studying global communications and Greek culture. We returned to the US with a genuine appreciation for Greece—its journey as a culture and its Olympic history. I am forever grateful to Kelley for making this life-changing, extraordinary opportunity a reality.

Amy Dehmer, MBA'23, Business Architect & Managing Consultant at DMI




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