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Kelley Direct alumni reflect on MBA experience

Lauren Crawley headshot

Lauren Crawley

Chief of Staff, Kalypso

"I wanted to be involved. I wanted to make connections. In the program, I did a semester-long program with Coca-Cola where we took on a business analytics project for them. I took the immersion courses and traveled to Chile and Greece.

"I got the best of both worlds. I got to keep my job. I got to keep my salary. I even got a new job while I was in school with a significant promotion before getting a new job after graduation. Both were because of my MBA."

Andrew Duncan headshot

Andrew Duncan

Global Brand Director, Sazerac

"The Kelley Direct Online MBA has turned out to be the best possible decision I could have made. I have turned the corner and am racing toward the finish line. It has been a truly transformative experience for me.

"When I started this program, my current position was the No. 1 dream job on a list of ‘impossible things that could never happen’ for me. So I’m very grateful to the Kelley program for being the link to the evolution in my career. This experience has been everything I could have expected and more."

Roslyn Hurt-Steverson headshot

Roslyn Hurt-Steverson

Portfolio Account Manager, Deloitte

"Every day I did some coursework. I set my schedule up so I stayed on track every week. I planned my schedule at the beginning of the semester to level-set what I needed to do and planned for any work travel or any of my kids’ events.

"I liked that I could build my education into the hectic life I have between being a mom and an employee. Work-life balance is very important to me, and the Kelley Online MBA program was like a puzzle piece that fit perfectly."

Do the networking and reach out to people. I applied for a job and reached out to a Kelley alum on LinkedIn who worked for the company. He took time to talk to me on the phone and he sent my resume to HR. ‘Anything for Kelleys,’ he said. It’s hard to find people like that. Kelley alumni go out of their way to help fellow alumni shape their careers.

Punyatoya Mohapatra, MBA’22

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