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We are committed to empowering women to accelerate their careers and become influential business leaders. We provide support and resources to help you navigate challenges and find lasting success.

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MBA & work & life? Here’s how

As a mom of two young kids and a global strategic marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson, Amy Turk knew she wanted the flexibility to earn an MBA on a timeline that fit her life. The Kelley Direct Online MBA enabled her to set her own pace—you can take two to four years to finish—and accelerate her career. Watch the video to discover how you, too, can earn the #1-ranked online MBA while continuing to work and manage your life.

Description of the video:

00:00:00,528 --> 00:00:01,361
(gentle music)

00:00:01,361 --> 00:00:03,620
- I pursued the Kelley Direct program

00:00:03,620 --> 00:00:06,050
to not only better myself at work,

00:00:06,050 --> 00:00:09,240
but to better myself as a person.

00:00:09,240 --> 00:00:10,250
I'm Amy Turk.

00:00:10,250 --> 00:00:14,510
I am a Global Strategic Marketing
Manager at DePuy Synthes,

00:00:14,510 --> 00:00:17,610
a medical device company
within Johnson & Johnson.

00:00:17,610 --> 00:00:19,390
I have two young kids.

00:00:19,390 --> 00:00:21,130
So, when I started the program,

00:00:21,130 --> 00:00:24,030
I knew that I would not be able
to complete it in two years.

00:00:24,030 --> 00:00:26,330
One thing I very much appreciate about

00:00:26,330 --> 00:00:28,990
the Kelley Direct program is that there's

00:00:28,990 --> 00:00:30,850
an enormous amount of flexibility

00:00:30,850 --> 00:00:32,920
that allows you to customize the program

00:00:32,920 --> 00:00:36,240
to what you need and when you
need it in your own lifestyle.

00:00:36,240 --> 00:00:39,530
I can set the pace for
when I finish the program,

00:00:39,530 --> 00:00:43,580
how many classes I take each
term, and it works well.

00:00:43,580 --> 00:00:46,170
The degree that someone
is obtaining in two years,

00:00:46,170 --> 00:00:49,446
is the same degree I'm gonna
obtain in three and a half.

00:00:49,446 --> 00:00:53,870
I would highly recommend an
MBA and especially through

00:00:53,870 --> 00:00:55,630
this Kelley Direct program.

00:00:55,630 --> 00:00:57,720
It's really given me very formal

00:00:57,720 --> 00:01:00,160
and competitive business training.

00:01:00,160 --> 00:01:01,650
It doesn't slow you down.

00:01:01,650 --> 00:01:05,170
If anything, it helped
accelerate my career.

00:01:05,170 --> 00:01:08,110
I think it sends a
message to my colleagues

00:01:08,110 --> 00:01:11,500
and to management that I'm
willing to take on more.

00:01:11,500 --> 00:01:14,930
They've invested in me and
they've invested in my success

00:01:14,930 --> 00:01:17,980
and in return, I'm able
to take what I've learned

00:01:17,980 --> 00:01:19,480
from the Kelley Direct program

00:01:19,480 --> 00:01:21,670
and invest that back into the company.

00:01:21,670 --> 00:01:24,540
So, it's really been
able to shape my role,

00:01:24,540 --> 00:01:26,350
to really help me understand it better,

00:01:26,350 --> 00:01:31,119
and to have the appropriate
contributions to the company.

00:01:31,119 --> 00:01:33,460
The one thing that I didn't expect

00:01:33,460 --> 00:01:37,040
when I started the program
was the positive impact

00:01:37,040 --> 00:01:38,800
that it would have on my kids.

00:01:38,800 --> 00:01:41,840
They're doing homework,
they're doing school projects,

00:01:41,840 --> 00:01:44,000
and a lot of times we study together,

00:01:44,000 --> 00:01:47,000
so it's good to spend that time together

00:01:47,000 --> 00:01:51,070
and for them to see that I'm
still pursuing higher education

00:01:51,070 --> 00:01:52,290
and that that can be done

00:01:52,290 --> 00:01:55,070
even after your undergraduate degree.

00:01:55,070 --> 00:01:57,650
My participation in the
Kelley Direct program

00:01:57,650 --> 00:02:00,990
has really brought a
lot of value to my life

00:02:00,990 --> 00:02:03,420
and it's brought a lot of value to

00:02:03,420 --> 00:02:06,295
the example I'm able to show my kids.

00:02:06,295 --> 00:02:08,878
(gentle music)

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"She has embraced and mentored young talent in a way that is rare for a dean of any school. She has thoroughly distinguished herself as one of the most accomplished deans of this generation," said Poets&Quants editor John Byrne in an article announcing Kesner's selection.

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