Student Life

Meet new people and make lasting connections.

Student life in Kelley’s Online MBA Program is active, focused, and personal. If you decide to pursue an MBA, you'll meet faculty and your classmates on campus during Kelley On Campus or Kelley On Location events. From there you can get involved as much or as little as you choose in our numerous student life experiences. 

Get Involved

Join one of our student organizations to strengthen your leadership skills and build your business network.

Be Social

Connect with current students, alumni, faculty, and staff through Kelley Direct’s social media channels, including FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn. It’s a great way to stay in touch, share helpful information, and celebrate accomplishments with your peers.

Kelley Direct Blog: Your inside look 

Want to know more about the Kelley Direct Online MBA? Start with our people. Check out the official Kelley Direct blog for student experiences, Q&As with faculty, and alumni stories.

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Set Your Own Pace

Learn how two current students balance priorities of career, family, health, and well-being while completing their Kelley Direct Online MBA. Director of Admissions Sarah Wanger hosts this conversation on how to pace your degree to achieve work-life balance.

Attend on-campus events and ceremonies

If you are an online MBA student, you’ll meet and work with fellow students on-site at the beautiful Indiana University Bloomington campus when you attend Kelley On Campus. While you’re on campus, you’ll collaborate with your peers in team projects, meet alumni and corporate leaders, and have the opportunity to socialize during a variety of on-campus events.

There is also a special recognition ceremony held for all Kelley Direct graduates during Commencement weekend. Learn more about graduation ceremonies.

Study in Washington, D.C., or in an emerging overseas market

If you choose the online MBA program, you’ll have the option of participating in Kelley’s Washington Campus program or participating in a global or domestic immersion.

During global immersions you’ll study abroad in an emerging market such as South Africa, Brazil, India, China, or Cuba. Domestic immersions are completed with Fortune 500 companies in major US markets. These are unforgettable and life-changing experiences for our students, and many say they are the highlight of their degree program.

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