Online Learning

Expand your thinking with dynamic online learning experiences

Experience matters in online education, and Kelley Direct is the industry leader and innovator in using technology to deliver graduate business education. The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University was the first top-ranked business school to offer an online MBA in 1999.

Simply put, the Kelley Direct online learning environment is unparalleled. From live weekly classes to team projects, your coursework will build your business expertise as you build lasting relationships with classmates and faculty.

Live weekly classes

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your Kelley Direct classmates and professors for live classes every week. Each course requires a live weekly session. Your live class will last about 75 minutes and take place between 6 and 9 p.m. ET. Use this time to ask questions, get immediate answers, and join discussions. All live classes are recorded so you can reference them later.

What's it like to learn online with Kelley Direct?

What does it feel like to be a Kelley Direct student? Will Geoghegan, chair of Kelley Direct Programs and clinical assistant professor, takes you through Kelley's interactive online educational experience.

Alex Lopes

Clinical Professor, Operations & Decision Technologies
Grant Thornton Scholar
Associate Faculty Chair, Kelley Direct Program

“I very rarely have lectures in my live classes. I have recorded many videos over the years that students can watch prior to class so that we can do work during class time.”

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Ernest O’Boyle

Associate Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship
Dale M. Coleman Chair in Management

“You can’t expect students to stay engaged while staring at a professor spout off for 75 minutes. Any content that is one-way communication isn’t taught in a live session. The live sessions are their opportunity to interact.” 

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Jenni Dinger

Clinical Associate Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

“Several discussions, activities, and assignments are more effective in an online environment. I will be surprised if I ever teach a class that isn’t at least a partially flipped classroom with live and asynchronous content, even for traditionally in-person classes.”

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Advanced virtual classrooms

The Brian D. Jellison Studio Classroom offers the feeling of being in a live classroom with your peers and enables your Kelley faculty to create dynamic course content. Read more about the studio and the transformative alumni gift that made it possible.