International Applicants


Priority applicants may submit their application free of charge (no application fee required). Neither an essay nor recommendation letters are required to submit the priority application. All priority applications are reviewed before standard applications. In addition, priority applicants who do not receive an invitation to the first round of interviews will be considered a second time during the standard application review process. All priority applicants receive the earliest interview date (if applicable).

The Kelley MSIS program requires each applicant to upload scanned student copies of the following as a part of the priority application:

  • Test scores (GRE/GMAT and TOEFL)
  • Transcript
  • Resume

Please note: scanned copies of transcripts are not considered official. Students selected for an interview will need to send official scores and transcripts. The application fee will be waived.

Please enter your undergraduate GPA. Upload a copy of your master’s degree transcript in addition to your undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree transcript when completing the priority application.

There are two deadlines for the priority application.

 Applicants wanting to be considered in the early decision deadline need to apply by November 1st

 The final deadline for the priority application is December 1st.

 Learn more about the opportunities associated with early decision and priority deadlines here.

Section II—Standard Application

Upload scanned copies of unofficial transcripts as an attachment to your standard application. We will use the unofficial documents to review your application until the official copy reaches the MSIS program office from your undergraduate university.

Please send official transcripts to this address:

Information Systems Graduate Programs Office, Suite 2100
1275 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN
47405, USA

Note: DO NOT send transcripts to the IU Office of International Admissions (OIA). Once the Information Systems Graduate Programs office has reviewed the transcripts, they will be forwarded to the Office of International Admissions.

No, the program must receive all scores by February 1.

Letters of recommendation are not required. Should you still like to submit them, please send them to so that we are able to attach it to your file. Please note that we will not accept letters after your respective deadline.

The deadline for the standard application is February 1.

No, do not submit another application. Letters of recommendation are not required. Should you still like to submit them, please send them to so that we are able to attach it to your file. Please note that we will not accept letters after your respective deadline.

Section III—General Application Questions

Yes, scanned copies of the unofficial documents are required for the priority applications.  If the applicant is applying on or before priority deadline, Kelley MSIS requires only scanned scores and transcripts – official transcripts are required only if the student is invited to an interview. However, all final deadline applicants need to submit their official scores and transcripts by February 1.

Please send any edited materials, with brief explanation, as a PDF to and we will substitute it in your file. Please do not send an updated resume unless there is a substantial change. You may also bring an updated copy of your resume to the interview.

The Institution Code is 001324. Department code is not required. If you have entered the wrong institutional code, you will need to resubmit your scores. If the department code is incorrect, no change is needed since all scores are sent to a central IU location and uploaded into the student information system.

The GMAT Institutional Code is 8ZG-41-04.

We will consider the score(s) you chose to submit with your application.

The Kelley MSIS program does not define a minimum test score requirement. We request that applicants look at the class profile to review the score statistics of students who have been admitted to the program over the past few years. The admissions committee performs a holistic review of your application. The committee will not disregard your application due to any single piece of information.

The admissions committee does a holistic review of all application materials and test scores. The committee will consider all scores submitted.

No, if your undergraduate degree is from an accredited 4-year institution in the U.S., you do not need to take the TOEFL.

If your undergraduate degree is not from the U.S., you must take the TOEFL. (Exceptions: Canada [certain provinces], UK, Australia. Contact the MSIS program for more information.)

We will accept an IELTS score in lieu of TOEFL for the Fall 2022 admission term. However, in order the IELTS score to be considered, the overall score must be 8.0 or greater, with no section score below 7.5.

The Kelley MSIS program requires an in-person interview of all shortlisted candidates. You will be able to provide insights about your candidacy if invited to interview. Since we will be meeting you in person, we will be able to assess your fit with the program during the interview process. Thus, a personal statement does not add any marginal value.

No, only enter a GPA if it is an institutionally computed GPA based on a 4.0 system. Please enter 0.00 if your university does not use a 4.0 scale. The admissions committee is familiar with transcripts from other countries and will be able to review your application with scores/grades/marks/CGPA/GPA.

The minimum prescribed GPA is the U.S. equivalent of 3.2/4.0 on the U.S. academic system. Since international universities have different grading scales and mechanisms, we recognize that it is difficult to convert your grades/marks into the U.S. scale. We will evaluate your transcript to determine your academic performance.

No, we only accept students for fall semester enrollment.

Please refer to Section I of the FAQ.  We encourage all applicants to submit a priority application as soon as possible (Deadline is December 1).

Please email the program office at with any questions about your application status.

If your electronic application was submitted without error, there is no need to worry about receipt of supporting documents. If any supporting document is missing or we need additional information, we will reach out to you. Due to the large volume of applicants, we will be unable to confirm receipt of supporting documents for individual applicants.

If you have applied for a previous year, you will need to apply again. However, you do not need to resubmit official transcripts if they have been previously submitted.

Yes, the MSIS program is STEM-certified. Graduates from the MSIS program are eligible for the 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension.

Section IV—Other MSIS-Related Questions

You can meet this requirement through ISGP-approved equivalent prerequisite courses at your undergraduate institution, provided your institution/university is AACSB or ABET accredited. However, if that is not an option, Kelley offers the Jumpstart program, whereby students who are missing business and/or technology prerequisite courses will be able to take all required components as a Bloomington campus summer experience. If you are admitted, more information will be forwarded to you regarding registration and payment for the requisite modules. Do not worry; we will work with you to make sure all of your prerequisites are available to you should you be offered admission.

Yes, we will consider prerequisite courses from an AACSB- or ABET-accredited college or university, subject to approval of the program office. Please note that pre-requisite courses taken at another institution must cover all the topics covered by the equivalent courses taught in the Kelley Information Systems undergraduate program in order to be considered a substitute. Courses must be taught in English and taken for university credit. View more prerequisite course information.

The Jumpstart deposit of $5,000 will be due along with your enrollment deposit of $500.  The due date for the total payment of $5,500* will depend on when you are offered admission. Deadlines vary depending on the application deadline.

Early Decision – January 15

Priority – February 15

Standard – March 30

*Please note: The enrollment and jumpstart deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances unless you are denied a US visa. So, please be sure that you intend to join the Kelley MSIS program prior to accepting your offer of admission and paying the required non-refundable deposits.

We make assistantship offers only at the time of admission. If awarded, the assistantship information is included in your admissions offer. View more information about graduate assistantships.

The Kelley MSIS program attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Access the current student class profile.

Yes, if the degree is from an institution of higher education (college or university), we will accept postgraduate degrees and/or diplomas. We do not accept postgraduate degrees or diplomas from training institutes.

We do not accept students with a 3-year bachelor's degree from an institution of higher education (college or university). Students with a 3-year degree will need to complete the first year of a postgraduate degree to be eligible for admission.

Once the program is approaching capacity, we begin a waitlist. If a confirmed student cannot join the program, we give students from the waitlist a seat. We strive to make a final admission decision for all waitlisted candidates by March 1.

No, the enrollment and Jumpstart deposits are nonrefundable under any circumstances unless you are denied a U.S. visa. Please be sure that you intend to join the Kelley MSIS program prior to accepting your offer of admission and paying the required nonrefundable deposits.

No, the enrollment and Jumpstart deposits are nonrefundable under any circumstances unless you are denied a U.S. visa. Please be sure that you intend to join the Kelley MSIS program prior to accepting your offer of admission and paying the required nonrefundable deposits.

The financial documentation is not used for evaluation during the admission process. However, we encourage you to have all your financial documentation ready for submission if admitted to the program.

Work experience is not mandatory for admission to the Kelley MSIS program.

Congratulations! Since we typically have a number of highly qualified candidates on a waitlist, extending the acceptance deadline would make it impossible to give your spot to another candidate if you choose not to accept your offer of admission. Therefore, we do not offer acceptance deadline extensions under any circumstances.

Admission deferral requests are granted only in extraordinary circumstances. You will need to submit a formal request to the program office prior to the response deadline in your admission letter.

Yes, you will have the option to sign up for the joint MBA degree near the end of your MSIS degree. The online MBA is offered through Kelley Direct and must be completed within five years of graduating from the MSIS program. All MSIS students are eligible subject to meeting the prescribed minimum GPA requirement.