Become a business-minded IT professional—a competitive advantage in any job market.

With an MS in Information Systems, you’ll have a valuable skill set that combines technical, business and managerial expertise. You’ll be in high demand as companies around the world seek business technologists to help them lead and succeed. More than 97 percent of MSIS grads receive job offers in the field of their degree.

Complete this 30 credit-hour degree in two or three semesters, and graduate prepared to:

  • Demonstrate command of the technical aspects of information systems
  • Explain how managerial and organizational issues affect the use of information systems
  • Integrate information systems and information technology with other business topics to analyze and recommend solutions to business problems
  • Understand risk management, compliance, and ethical issues in the use of information systems
  • Utilize effective teamwork and communication skills

Regardless of your educational background, the innovative MSIS curriculum will hone your knowledge of how corporations use technology to address business problems.

Grow as a Professional

Watch how three MSIS students are using their new knowledge and skills to open up more career opportunities.

Opportunity is waiting for you at Kelley.

Strong Bond Between Students and Faculty

Mien Dee, MSIS’09 and now CEO at Ampston Corporation, reflects on how the Kelley community helps students earn jobs and make lasting connections. From the team-based capstone project to the network-building career events, the MSIS program sets students up for success.

Application deadlines

Kelley students are encouraged to apply early in their undergraduate careers.

For no application fee and a simplified process, apply by the priority deadline:

US undergraduates in their senior year: January 15

Non-US undergraduates: November 1



Invest in your future

More than 97% of MS in Information Systems students receive job offers in their degree field.


The Kelley advantage

Top companies—including Accenture, EY, Deloitte, General Motors and PwC—hire MSIS students because they know our innovative curriculum prepares students for the future of business technology.