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Your MSIS degree is valuable. A solid technical foundation and real-world learning experiences prepare you for success in a variety of technology careers—and command higher starting salaries. See our employment statistics for employment rates and compensation.

The MSIS and Graduate Career Services teams will work with you to uncover your strengths and find your passion. Knowing who you are will prepare you to take on real-world challenges in your internship and throughout your career. Whatever happens, you’ll be ready.

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The Kelley School of Business has relationships with more than 500 companies across the world. MSIS graduates have been recruited to firms including Accenture, Cummins, EY, Deloitte, General Motors, PwC, and more.

The MSIS degree: perspectives from employers

In this video, Mark Zozulia of Deloitte Consulting LLP explains why his firm seeks out MSIS students—and why those students succeed.

Justin Greis, BS’03, MBA’04, can attest to the talent and versatility of MSIS grads: he’s a principal with EY.

Example of an MSIS career: technology advising

An MSIS degree from the Kelley School of Business enables graduates to succeed in a variety of industries. With Kelley’s comprehensive business and technology training, students are prepared to perform, collaborate and grow in their chosen career. One example is technology advising.

Top recruiters continually seek out MSIS graduates to join their advisory teams. After a rigorous training journey—including on-the-job coaching and client experience—these highly motivated technology advisors assist clients in improving business performance through technology. They manage and analyze data, develop cybersecurity protocols, provide technology solutions for complex business problems, and help clients enhance their IT strategy.

Technology advising is just one of the ways an MSIS graduate can transform business—and their careers.

MSIS employment statistics

97%of students receive job offers in their degree field

$85,000Average Starting Compensation

$5,000Median Signing Bonus

$71,100Average starting salary

$4,400Internship salary

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Jump-start your career


The MS in Information Systems will prepare you for a rewarding career in a rapidly growing field. Bipin Prabhakar, chair of Information Systems Graduate Programs, explains how the MSIS curriculum leads to work-ready students, 97% of whom earn a job in their degree film.

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The Graduate Career Services team will work with you to uncover your strengths and find your passion. Knowing who you are will prepare you to take on real-world challenges in your field consulting and throughout your career.