Student Associations

Connect with peers who share your interests in student associations

Student associations provide you with an opportunity to develop your organizational and leadership skills, be a mentor, or strengthen your network.

Join a student association

Current student associations you can join include:

  • Consulting Association
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association
  • Finance and Investment Association
  • Healthcare Industry Association
  • Marketing Association
  • Mentorship Program
  • Supply Chain Management Association
  • Veteran's Association
  • Women in Business Association

Get Involved in the Student Leadership Association:

The Student Leadership Association (SLA) is a self-governing network of student leaders who serve as representatives of the Kelley Direct community and provide opportunities for student involvement. The SLA promotes student involvement and student leadership initiatives.

To get involved in the SLA and join a specific student association, visit our website.

The Kelley School of Business or Indiana University is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed on the Student Leadership Association website.

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