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Indiana University Bloomington


Cross-Campus Initiatives

The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI) has offices and affiliations across Indiana University to foster the entrepreneurial perspective. JCEI's home office is in the Kelley School of Business with satellite offices in the IU School of Medicine, the Maurer School of Law, the College of Arts & Sciences (Simon Hall), as well as affiliations with Jacobs School of Music, the School of Public & Environmental Affairs, and the School of Informatics. Our programs provide students with a wide range of classroom and experiential opportunities to discover and develop the “entrepreneurial perspective” throughout the entire campus. JCEI is recognized as the focal point for entrepreneurial development of technologies and potential ventures within any discipline at Indiana University.

Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Science Innovations (JCESI)
Located in Simon Hall, IU's Multidisciplinary Science Building, this JCEI satellite office is dedicated to the science projects emanating from the laboratories of IU's top scientists.

Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Medical Science Innovations (JCEMSI)
Located in the Indiana University Emerging Technology Center (IUETC) in Indianapolis near the IU School of Medicine Complex, this JCEI satellite office focuses on the medical life sciences developments.

Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Cultural Leadership (JCECL)
Located in the Jacobs School of Music, this extracurricular program supported by Dean Gwyn Richards offers students in the musical arts an opportunity to learn some of the business principles necessary to enhance their careers. In addition, a Minor in Entrepreneurship is offered for music students through the Kelley School of Business.

The JCEI Legal Advising Forum
Provides legal advice to student ventures, faculty initiatives from the IU Emerging Technology Center and laboratories from across the IU campus.

Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
The faculties of the School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and the Kelley School of Business offer a collaborative certificate in Social Entrepreneurship. To earn the certificate, students must take courses on social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and public-sector management in addition to selected courses designed specifically for this field of study. The certificate includes an internship in the field of social enterprise.

The Hoosier Hatchery
The Hoosier Hatchery, located on campus at 7th & Jordan Avenue, provides space for students working on innovations with commercial potential.

Entrepreneurial Innovations Lab (EIL)
Established to focus Kelley School of Business resources on the commercialization of life science and other high-potential research technologies, MBA students from the Entrepreneurial Management Academy form teams which explore the feasibility of taking the research conducted toward producing a viable business or a licensable technology.

Indiana University School of Informatics & Computing
JCEI has a presence in the IU Innovation Center to work closely with the IT ventures from the Pervasive Technology Institute as well as other informatics-related ideas. In addition JCEI has established a unique partnership with the School of Informatics and efforts in Silicon Valley.