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Indiana University Bloomington


Did You Know?

Indiana University’s Office of International Services offers a variety of programs to assist international students.

International Representation

The top countries our international students represent are:

  • China
  • India
  • Korea
  • Japan

Immigration Bridge Program

Have a solid job prospect but need visa help? We can help.

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Alumni Spotlight


Ya Yang BS '13

Finance and accounting


“My career coach not only provided me with instructions on resume, CV, and interviews, but also gave me courage and helped me prepare mentally. Mental preparation is the most important part in the recruiting preparation process, and the Undergraduate Career Services did a good job on that.”

International Students

We care about your career success

If you are an international student searching for job opportunities outside of your home country, you’ll need more than a solid GPA—learn to adapt to your new culture and adopt a new search strategy. For success in the United States, you’ll need to demonstrate a variety of strengths to help you stand out from your peers:

  • Communication skills are key
    Strong speaking, writing, and interpersonal skills are essential to getting ahead. Step out of your comfort zone to practice your language skills at every opportunity—join a sorority or fraternity, get involved in activities, or volunteer in the community.
  • Plan ahead and focus
    Explore your career options, then identify a targeted career path and stay focused on it. Attend career events and meet recruiting deadlines. Understanding immigration regulations and being able to explain work authorization guidelines to companies can also help you succeed.
  • Know your value and build your brand
    Build your cultural and language advantages into your resume and the conversations you have with recruiters. Target companies that need your skills and background—what qualities and skills do you have that make you unique? Work with a Kelley career coach to learn how to market your personal brand.
  • Expand your network
    Most job opportunities are found by networking. Work hard to develop professional relationships here as well as at home. Make new friends and gain a new perspective—it doesn’t have to be all business, you can attend sporting and other events to embrace the local culture.
  • Diversify your search
    Extend your job search to include employment at home as well as other countries.
  • Get support 
    Make an appointment with a career coach we can support your professional goals and help you with your job search.