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Indiana University Bloomington


An Entrepreneur at Heart

Theresa Krier MBA'09

Entrepreneurship and Marketing Double Major

Theresa Krier

“I know I have the skills to run a business, and that’s a powerful feeling.”

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Theresa Krier is an entrepreneur at heart. Her family owns a small business in Indianapolis, and one of her first work experiences was at a start-up biotech firm, EndGenitor Technologies. So when she decided to go back to school to get an MBA, entrepreneurship was the top focus.

“I chose Kelley because I wanted to gain the skills necessary to lead a company,” says Krier. “The environment has delivered more than I ever expected. I’ve learned how to go after and get what I want in my career and how to be a leader. I know I have the skills to run a business, and that’s a powerful feeling.”

As a student in Kelley’s top-ranked entrepreneurship and corporate innovation program, she’s exploring a wide range of career options and gaining valuable work experience. She’s also majoring in marketing, and she’s interested in companies where marketers drive the business. In fact, as a brand marketing intern at 3M, Krier is seeing first-hand how her role influences the company’s long-term goals.

At 3M, Krier developed a three-year strategy and recommendations for the redesign of the Web site, a Web site that promotes the brand's cleaning products. “In my position, I did a lot of marketing research and strategy,” she says. “With all that I’ve learned about creative and innovative companies, it’s great to see corporate innovation in action.”

“One of the things I liked best about 3M’s culture is that it encourages partnerships between scientists and marketers, but marketers are the ones who drive the business. They identify the market needs and then work with scientists to develop products that will meet the needs of the market.”

She was a key part of 3M’s marketing efforts, but during the school year, Krier is immersed in her education, focusing 100 percent on the skills she needs to succeed. The school’s rankings told her that Kelley faculty members are among the best in the country, but the guidance she received from her peers, advisors, professors, and career counselors have been a pleasant surprise. “The people at Kelley are absolutely top notch,” she says. “I’ve learned a lot especially from Dr. Don Kuratko—Dr. K, as we call him. He’s someone I can go to discuss business ideas and get advice. He took the time to help me decide which internship to pursue. He really wants to help his students succeed, and he takes a genuine interest in each of his students.”

Krier landed her internship with the help of Graduate Career Services (GCS) and the Leadership Development Institute (LDI), two Kelley organizations that taught her valuable career skills: creating a resume, interviewing, and expanding her professional network. “MBA students learn not only the business topics, but also the soft skills that help us succeed,” she says. “I had an amazing second-year peer coach who really helped me during interview season and before big presentations.”

At Kelley, Krier holds leadership roles in Net Impact and the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club (GEC). Both student clubs have inspired her career goals. She’s the vice president of external relations for Net Impact and GEC’s vice president for professional development. Net Impact’s mission, to use business to make a positive difference in the world, motivates Krier to seek a career that will enable her to help others. “I really want my career to help the world in some form.”

Krier plans to combine this altruistic spirit with her business expertise. “I have an open mind about what I want to do after earning my MBA. I plan to go into the corporate world for a while, but I also want to keep open the possibility of starting my own company. I’m also interested in working abroad—I love Paris!”

Published April 15, 2011