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Earn the finance skills companies want—and need.

As a Kelley MS in Finance student, you will gain critical expertise in finance while developing your business and professional skills. You will be uniquely qualified to help companies navigate the increasingly complex financial environment in which they operate.

Students in the Kelley MS in Finance program will graduate prepared to:

  • Craft and execute innovative financial strategies and solutions for their organizations
  • Provide financial acumen, insight and discipline to business managers and clients
  • Effectively participate in global financial markets

Students who have an undergraduate business major or minor can complete the full-time, in-residence Kelley MSF program in as little as 11 months (July - May). Students without such qualifications are also eligible to apply but are required to take the month-long "Business Foundations" boot camp to graduate in 12 months (June through May). The Business Foundations course introduces the non-business student to business topics, including financial accounting, data modeling, and economics.

Professional skills and flexibility

The Kelley MSF program is distinguished by the attention it pays to career development in addition to intensive financial training. In addition to continual programmed engagement with Graduate Career Services, the program includes a course in professional development, a practicum course that intensifies practical financial sophistication and a capstone project-consulting course.

The program also offers tremendous flexibility to cater to students' diverse career interests. As much as half the program consists of directed finance electives allowing the student to design a bespoke curriculum aimed at corporate finance careers or financial market careers.

Firm foundation

These electives are built on a solid foundational experience delivered through two core experiences. The summer Finance Core is a concentrated immersion in basic financial economics and introduces students to the foundational principles of finance, including the concepts of complete markets, no-arbitrage pricing, and market efficiency while also covering key topics in accounting, modeling, corporate valuation and professional development. The fall core during the first seven weeks of Fall continues this foundational development with courses in accounting, asset pricing, spreadsheet modeling, and corporate finance valuation.