Complement your undergraduate degree with the deep financial expertise the MS in Finance program offers

Today’s employers are looking for professionals with targeted skills in finance. They’re interested in connecting with recruits who have unique backgrounds and perspectives—people who bring something new to solving problems, who approach their work differently.

You'll stand out with our STEM-designated MS in Finance, which enables you to build on your undergraduate degree with in-demand skills in finance.

About the Kelley MS in Finance Degree


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No business degree required

The Kelley MS in Finance curriculum complements an undergraduate degree in another field—such as liberal arts, engineering, political science, and economics—with advanced training in finance. The power of the degree lies in this pairing—a rarity highly valued by Kelley’s large network of recruiting companies.

The full-time, in-residence MS in Finance degree program provides 31.5 credit hours of deep immersion in finance. Students may be able to complete the degree in 10 months (July through May) or 11 months (June through May), depending on whether the Business Foundations boot camp is required. Complete the pre-application advising form to set up a meeting with MSF program staff to review requirements.

You will develop skills used by CFOs and treasurers, including:

  • Risk management
  • Asset allocation
  • Capital budgeting
  • Financial modeling
  • Treasury management
  • Capital structure analysis and management
  • Asset and company valuation
  • Currency management

The Kelley MSF Degree explained

Watch the video to discover how combining a nonbusiness undergraduate degree with targeted skills in finance sets you apart to top employers.

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Learn from world-class finance faculty

With 27 tenured and tenure-track faculty members conducting state-of-the-art research in all key aspects of the field and 11 industry practitioners contributing their deep experience, the Department of Finance at the Kelley School of Business is widely recognized as one of the premier finance departments in the world.

This group influences the finance profession through their cutting-edge research, other business schools through their leading textbook publications, and public policy and corporate practice through their expert testimony and consulting work.

Kelley Finance Statistics


for finance, U.S. News & World Report, 2019


among public universities in producing the most sitting CFOs, Crist | Kolder Volatility Report


alumni CFOs in the Fortune 500

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