Computer Requirements

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As a Kelley MS in Finance student, you will be required to bring a laptop computer. You’ll use your computer to download assignments, talk with your professors and classmates, and more.

Minimum computer requirements for Kelley MS in Finance students:

  • Any current processor, i5 or better. Laptops more than 2 years old are not recommended
  • 256 GB (or larger) hard drive required (SSD drive preferred; not cloud storage)
  • 8 GBs or more of RAM
  • CD-RW/DVD-R Combo drive (optional)
  • Ethernet port strongly recommended (or USB WiFi adapter)
  • 802.11N wireless card strongly recommended (802.11A/B/G available, but not optimal/recommended)
  • Windows 8.1/Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise are preferred. Windows 7 Pro & Enterprise are acceptable but are becoming obsolete. Windows XP, Windows 8 RT, and any Home/Basic/Starter editions are not acceptable.
  • 2 GB (or larger) USB Flash Drive recommended (multiple flash drives are nice to use as backup/emergency recovery storage devices)

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