Teamwork, leadership, creativity, confidence, business acumen, and agility—case competitions put our professional sales students to the test.

You think you've got the skills—now put yourself to the test. That's exactly what our students are doing when they participate in sales competitions. Incorporating role-play scenarios and often team-selling exercises, sales competitions give students a taste of the excitement—and the pressures—of selling in a realistic business setting. And the best part? The judges are representatives from major corporations who give you candid, practical feedback.

"The best learning experiences are the sales competitions" is a consistent message from our students. The unique opportunity to compete, receive feedback, and polish skills before graduation is an invaluable learning experience.

National Team Selling Competition

NTSC is hosted by the Center for Global Sales Leadership at the Kelley School of Business. This premier sales competition brings together top-level sales talent from 24 colleges and universities across the country.

The National Team Selling Competition is made possible through the generous financial and volunteer support of 3M and Altria.
Indiana University's National Team Selling Competition team prepares to compete.
University of Kansas makes a persuasive point during the competition.
Villanova University asks important questions.