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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

ODT Undergraduate BW ranking 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek gave the Kelley School Undergraduate Program an A+ for job placement and an A for teaching quality and facilities in its 2013 rankings.

Technology Foundations

Our Technology Foundations courses are very popular with Kelley students and other IU students.  Learn more about K201 and X201.

Technology Foundations: K201

ODT Students

K201 The Computer in Business, the first course in the tech foundations series, was initially offered in the fall of 1963. The course has been continuously offered each semester, enabling many generations of students to stay abreast of the latest business computing trends. When the course began, students were writing programs in Fortran on punch cards. Today K201 focuses on using databases and spreadsheets to solve complex business problems. 

Hands-on Learning That Pays Off
K201 enrolls nearly 2000 students each semester. While it's known for having a heavy workload, many students cite K201 as one of the most practical courses of their academic careers. Skills learned in this course will benefit students not only in their upper level coursework, but in their careers and internships as well. 

K201 provides a hands-on learning experience with a high degree of personal attention. Lab sessions are small and are staffed with teaching assistants and up to six tutors per class. This provides students the individual help they need to stay on track.

Peer Tutors Aids All
Students who complete this rigorous course with a high level of success are invited back to join the Peer Tutor Program—a group of student volunteers who help others complete the course successfully. It enables them to grow in their understanding of the material by learning to communicate and coach newer students. More than 200 students volunteer as peer tutors for two or more hours per week each semester. In fact, corporate recruiting teams often look for peer tutoring experience on resumes as they've learned to expect a powerful combination of technology and communication skills from this outstanding group.

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