Seminar Series

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Yeon-Koo Che

Keeping the Listener Engaged: a Dynamic Model of Bayesian Persuasion

Judith Chevalier

Nursing Home Staff Networks and COVID-19*

Howard Smith

A Model of Beer Retail Pricing

Johannes Hörner

Too Much of a Good Thing: The Dynamics of Trust and Loyalty

Miguel Villas-Boas

Following the Customers: Dynamic Competitive Repositioning

Alex Gross

University of Virginia

Private Labels and Bargaining
in the Supply Chain:
The Case of Wine

Deepal Basak

Indian School of Business

Timely Persuasion

Jia Xiang

Penn State

Physicians as Persuaders: Evidence from Hospitals in China

Yanyou Chen

Duke University

Efficiency Gain from Mergers: Evidence from the U.S. Railroad Network

Svetlana Kosterina

Princeton University

Endogenous Experimentation in Organizations

Mariagiovanna Baccara

Task Allocation and On-the-Job Training

Wouter Dessein

Columbia Business School

Coordination and Organization Design: Theory and Micro-Evidence

BEPP-Sponsored Conferences

  • International Industrial Organization Conference (2018)
  • Midwest Health Economics Conference (2016)
  • 5th Workshop on Consumer Search and Switching Costs (2014)