Majors, Minors, and Co-Majors


Economic Consulting

Business economics is playing an increasingly important role in managerial decision making in the United States and abroad as firm strategy is becoming more analytical.

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Public Policy Analysis

The major in Public Policy Analysis provides students with training in the application of micro- and macroeconomics to the analysis of the effect of governmental policies, international capital markets, and terms of trade on the business environment.

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Business Analytics

The business analytics co-major is designed to provide Kelley students the opportunity to complement their primary major with advanced business analytics skills, allowing them to better integrate data insights into their analyses and decision making.

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Sustainable Business

Today's leaders must have skills to lead within diverse environments to ensure all stakeholders are respected and included. The capacity for inclusive leadership is a critical component of management success and leadership viability.

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The department of BEPP research and pedagogy supports many undergraduate courses.

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