Bonser Seminar Series

Bonser Distinguished Lecture Series

The Bonser Distinguished Lecture Series attracts prominent and influential leaders in academia, business, and politics to the Kelley School of Business and the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs to speak about the interactions between public policy and business. Discussions with prominent speakers enhance students’ and faculty members’ knowledge of economic issues and stimulate discussion of public policy.

Charles F. Bonser, dean emeritus of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, works with O'Neill and Kelley to provide the initial endowment fund for the series. This funding, combined with additional contributions, will ensure the continuation of educational opportunities and attract corporate executives, government leaders, and leading academics to the Bloomington campus.

2020 Bonser Distinguished Lecturer: Severin Borenstein

Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Chair in Business Administration and Public Policy, Faculty Director, Energy Institute at Haas, Professor

“Is Pricing Greenhouse Gases Enough? Efficiency and Equity Considerations for Fighting Climate Change”

While nearly all economists agree that pricing greenhouse gases is a critical component of fighting climate change, there is less agreement on the usefulness of implementing other policies as well, such as subsidies for research, development, and deployment, mandates of low-GHG technologies and prohibitions on production or use of high-GHG energy sources. Furthermore, there is a growing recognition that our energy systems have historically disadvantaged poor and minority communities. Severin Borenstein will discuss whether a suite of policies can efficiently address climate change while also improving equity.