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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

Kelley Advantage

Our Operations, Analytics and Information Systems faculty have written many of the definitive textbooks in the areas of operations, data analysis, database management, networking, and Excel modeling.

Technology Labs, Studios, and Workshops

Technology Studio and Workshop

The use of computer labs, notebooks, and PDAs are now a common part of campus life—but where can students express their creativity in advancing the frontiers of new technologies? The new Graduate and Executive Education Center has two of the finest technology facilities on campus that are dedicated to creativity and experiential learning.

The Technology Studio is best understood in the metaphor of a sculptor’s art studio. Sponsored projects by companies and faculty research will provide the challenge for student teams to “sculpt” advanced information technology into prototypes for real business problems.

The Technology Workshop is a place where student teams can build, test, touch, and learn how complex software applications are constructed. It has team workbench areas where students can configure their own servers, routers, and isolated networks to simulate how companies build and secure e-business systems. It provides the faculty with a technology-immersive space for teaching about the real complexities of inter-organizational systems.

For our corporate partners and our students, the workshop and studio represent enormous opportunities for creating effective business technologists. They will be used by a number of our more technically-oriented, hands-on courses along with project-oriented research. These experiences will help Kelley students be immediately effective in the complex interactions between business and technology.