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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies


Kelley facilities were ranked No. 3 in the nation by The Princeton Review.

Alumni Spotlight

Pranav Mehra BS 2001

Business Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“The professors areamazing and very accessible. They’re also well connected to the recruiters and are a great resource when you’re looking for a job.”

Business Analytics

Making Things Work Better, Faster, and More Efficiently

Business Analytics, also referred to as Decision Sciences, is the discipline that uses analytical tools to solve organizational problems and make business decisions. Business Analytics has been used to do everything from solving complex business problems to increasing the efficiencies in hospitals and medical centers to simulating sporting contests.

Our MBA in decision sciences curriculum is built around modeling these analytical tools on Excel using techniques such as linear, integer, nonlinear programming, computer simulation, decision analysis, statistics, applied probability, and artificial intelligence.

MBA courses in this area are taught by Professors Wayne Winston and Chris Albright, internationally recognized as the experts in Excel modeling and authors of the leading textbooks in this area.

Kelley's decision sciences programs are consistently ranked among the top public universities, both for graduate and undergraduate programs. 

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