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Finding your career fit

Watch the video to see how Me, Inc. and Graduate Career Services helped Caroline Jansen, MBA'17, start a new career as a consultant.

Description of the video:

Caroline Jansen, Full-Time MBA student:
Before my MBA, I was a financial analyst at Intel. I decided to pursue my MBA here at Kelley because I wanted to do a career switch and move into consumer marketing. During Me, Inc., we were always able to talk with each other and talk with the career coaches.

I found that I really like change and always like to be doing something different. And so, for me, at the end of Me, Inc., I was already questioning consumer marketing at that point. But I had gone through the interview process and had been accepted into consumer marketing, so I said, "Let's just go with it." So I did my first day with consumer marketing. I realized from that moment, the first day in that classroom, that consumer marketing wasn't going to be for me.

I had written all my essays and everything about moving to consumer marketing, and then now I'm not going to do that. So it was definitely a panicky moment. I sat down with Graduate Career Services and my career coach a couple times and then said, "This isn't the right feeling for me. "I don't know what I should do." And so, it was at a career night, they told me to go talk to other companies, kind of see if one of them seemed to fit me better.

I really like to be autonomous in my work. I don't like the idea of micromanagement. When I started networking with the consulting companies at those events, that's where I really realized these are the people that fit me best, these are the roles that fit me best, and this is what I really see myself doing. Once I was able to identify the right path and really start the focus on consulting, I feel more confident, and I know this is what I want, and I'm really able to express that, and I think that's really been helpful and has allowed me to land offers.