About Us

We enable students to put their education to work.

You expect a business school to provide an education in ethics, operations strategy, financial accounting, marketing, and management. At Kelley, our education also includes developing within each student the ability to find the right career.

Our career coaches enable students to define a job search strategy they can refine and re-use for an entire career.

The work begins before students even arrive on campus—exploring and understanding their skills, interests, and values as they focus on specific functions and industries. We offer tips on how to network more effectively, how to prepare for different types of interviews, and how to choose a career where students can naturally excel. And we offer continual, personalized feedback on what students can do to be stronger job candidates.

With preparation like that, it’s no wonder employers find that Kelley students are better prepared to become leaders in a diverse, global workplace.


for student satisfaction
Bloomberg Businessweek, 2016


for job placement success
The Economist, 2016

The greatest gift we can give our students is the gift of self-awareness.Eric Johnson, MBA'01, Executive Director, Graduate Career Services