Business Economics & Public Policy

Recent Highlights

  • The department has one of the largest concentrations of business economics faculty in the country. There has been significant growth in faculty with expertise in industrial organization, health economics, applied econometrics, and business analytics.
  • Our faculty work in both empirical and theoretical economics.
  • Doctoral students have extensive interaction with faculty beginning in the first year, and we provide additional resources for each individual depending on his or her research focus.

Areas of Faculty Research

One of the key strengths of our faculty is our breadth of expertise, offering students the opportunity to work with faculty in numerous domains, such as:

  • applied econometrics
  • applied microeconomics
  • asymmetric information
  • business analytics
  • corporate environmentalism
  • crime
  • e-commerce
  • game theory and strategy
  • health economics
  • industrial organization
  • law and economics
  • public economic
  • regulation
  • social regulations
  • strategic communication
  • sustainability

Our faculty are leaders in their areas of expertise, serving as associate editors and on the editorial review board for leading journals, including:
  • Journal of Economics &  Management Strategy
  • American Journal of Health Economics
  • Information Economics and Policy
  • European Economic Review
  • International Journal of Business and Economics

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I enjoy working with graduate students because their energy, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity inspire me to conduct better research and to be a better teacher.Dr. Michael Baye, Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy