Tuition and Financial Aid

Your MSADA is a smart investment in your future.

Our graduates are in demand. With a 95 percent employment rate (within 90 days of graduation), the MSADA program is a sound investment in your future success.

There are options available to help pay for your MSADA education, including graduate assistantships, American Institute of CPAs scholarships, military benefits, and federal loan options.

Tuition Expenses
Estimated based on 2021-22
Indiana ResidentNon-resident/International*
Tuition / Credit Hour Fees (30 credits)$21,521$40,549
Mandatory Fees$1,420$1,420
Program Fees$866$866
Subtotals: Academic Year$23,807$42,835

*Additional International student fees apply.

Tuition is subject to change every academic year. Visit the Indiana University Tuition & Fees website for the latest updates.

MSADA admits are required to pay an enrollment deposit of $500 to secure a place in the entering class. Upon enrollment, the deposit will be deducted from the student’s first semester bursar bill. The deposit is nonrefundable. If admission is revoked because of the candidate’s inability to meet admission conditions, the enrollment deposit will be refunded.

Merit-based graduate assistantships are awarded as 5-hour or 12-hour graduate assistant (GA) positions. Students work 5 or 12 hours a week for a Kelley School department or faculty member.

All admitted students are considered for GA positions—there is no separate application.

If awarded an assistantship, you will receive notification via email. MSADA students are most often awarded 5-hour assistantships. Award amounts are based upon your tuition residency status as determined by Indiana University. GAs are paid partially as a tuition waiver and partially as hourly employees for work completed each week.

Application Deadlines

US undergraduates in their senior year:
March 1st, 2022
(Kelley students are encouraged to apply in their junior year)

Non-US undergraduates:
December 1


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