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The Kelley Advantage

About 95 percent of seniors with economic consulting or public policy majors find jobs before winter break with very competitive starting salaries.

Undergraduate Program

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students in the Department of Business Economics and Public Policy have the choice of two majors and two co-majors. Many students combine these majors with other majors to broaden their business education and enhance their career marketability.

The curriculum stresses analytical and strategic thinking, forecasting techniques, and applying micro- and macroeconomics to making business decisions, solving problems, and analyzing the effect of governmental policies on the business environment.

The undergraduate program provides complete information about undergraduate degree requirements, including comprehensive information about the curriculum.

Economic Consulting Major (21 Credit Hours)

Business economics is playing an increasingly important role in managerial decision making in the United States and abroad because enterprises have become increasingly influenced by government rules, regulations, and policies. The undergraduate major in Economic Consulting provides students with training in the application of micro- and macroeconomics to problems of business decision making and in forecasting techniques. The major focuses on critical thinking, business strategies, and problems solving.

Many corporations have outsourced their economic analysis divisions and contract instead with external consulting firms. The realm of consulting comprises strategic, management, economic, litigation, human resource, IP, and IT consulting, to name a few specializations. Some consulting firms are very large and cover different fields of consulting; others are smaller and more specialized. Economic consulting majors have been hired by consulting firms such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain, Huron Consulting, LECG, Navigant Consulting, and Protiviti. Business economists are also actively hired by the financial service industry, investment banks, commercial banks, and hedge funds. Examples of recent hires include Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Bank for America, and Lincoln International. Other major firms who have hired majors include corporations such as Microsoft, Target, Johnson & Johnson, and 3M.

Public Policy Major (18 Credit Hours)

These courses focus on public policy in the international arena, as well as government regulation of economic activity. Public policy analysts provide information to top management for use in interpreting government policy. Their skills may be called upon to assist in technical analyses, writing speeches, preparing testimony, or helping with company publications. Some public policy analysts are hired by the same firms which hire students from the Economic Consulting major. Others seek positions with the government, major business firms, or non-governmental-organizations (NGOs). Finally, a significant number of students continue their studies at a law school or other graduate programs.

Business Analytics Co-Major

As data and analytical software continue to proliferate and improve, businesses are increasingly relying on business analytics to gain a competitive advantage or to just keep up with the competition.  The business analytics co-major is designed to provide Kelley students the opportunity to complement their primary major with advanced business analytics skills, allowing them to better integrate data insights into their analyses and decision-making. The Business Analytics Co-Major can be paired with any other Kelley School of Business undergraduate major.

Required Courses (12 credit hours):

Elective Courses (3 credit hours):

Sustainable Business Co-Major

Firms are increasingly facing added pressures to employ more sustainable business practices. Thus, employers are placing added weight on recruiting employees that have perspective on integrating sustainability into corporate strategy. The Sustainable Business co-major takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on faculty and courses from several Kelley departments, as successful sustainable business strategy is implemented across all the functional areas of business. In this regard, the Sustainable Business co-major is designed for students who wish to complement a functional area of business with a strong background in sustainable business strategy and implementation. The Sustainable Business Co-Major can be paired with any other Kelley School of Business undergraduate major.

Entry Class (3 credits):

Elective Courses (choose 9 credits):

Capstone Course (3 credits):

Faculty Advisor

If you have questions regarding the Business Economics and Public Policy program, please contact our faculty undergraduate advisor:


Steven Kreft
BU 458
skreft [at] indiana [dot] edu