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Indiana University Bloomington


The Tools You Need. The Careers You Want.

A Liberal Arts Feel with Business School Practicality

Greg Baumer feels at his best when he's working with “intelligent, hardworking individuals.”

His new job at McKinsey & Company will put him in the company of many such individuals.

“Consultants begin new projects every three to four months, resulting in a perpetual learning curve that will keep me interested.”

Greg Baumer BS'08
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company, Chicago


Expanding Economics Research Beyond Supply and Demand

As director of the U.S. Bureau of Economics, Professor Mike Baye advises the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

He addresses every type of economic issue that arises, from antitrust to litigation.

His FTC experience will give him even more real-world insights to share with his students.

Mike Baye
Director, Bureau of Economics; Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy


From Kelley to Capitol Hill

Evan Bayh established Indiana as one of the strongest economies in the country.

He did it with a strong understanding of economic efficiencies and business markets.

He learned this as a business economics and public policy student.

Evan Bayh BS'78
U.S. Senator, Indiana; former Governor of Indiana; Washington, D.C.


The Perks of Being a Globe Trotter

Nicole Bernard works with more than 10 financial service clients to evaluate their credit risk and consumer and lending processes.

Her work environment is energetic and challenging, just like Business Economics and Public Policy courses.

“[The curriculum] challenged me to analyze markets and industries,” she says.

Nicole Bernard BS'05
Senior Consultant, Protiviti, Chicago


The Perfect Match: Investment Banking and a Worldly Perspective

Katie Roberts found her perfect match at Kelley: the right major and the right job.

As a financial analyst, she does industry and company research for a middle market investment bank, with the added perk of international assignments in Frankfurt, Madrid, and London.

Katie Roberts BS'06
Analyst, Lincoln INternational, Chicago (currently in London)


Bringing Wall Street Knowledge to Uganda

Jeremy Solomon began his career after Kelley on Wall Street, but his interest in international economic development took him across the globe to Uganda.

Now with Micro Africa, a microfinance bank with operations in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Southern Sudan, he's seeing the positive effects of his work.

Jeremy Solomon BS’06
Business Development Manager, Micro Africa
Kampala, Uganda