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Indiana University Bloomington

Exectutive Degree Programs

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Executive MBA Track

Program Structure and Delivery

1. Business Management Certificate (12 Credit Hours):

Students will begin the program by enrolling in our Business Management Certificate (BMC) and complete 12 credits (four courses) which can be transferred to the EMBA track.  Students can select any of these four courses to complete the BMC:

  1. C520:  Quantitative Analysis (3.0 cr)
  2. C521:  Managing Accounting Information for Decision Making (3.0 cr)
  3. C580:  Operations Management (3.0 cr)
  4. C530:  Economics for Managers (3.0 cr)
  5. C570:  Strategic Marketing Management (3.0 cr)
  6. C540:  Financial Management (3.0 cr)*

*C521 must be taken before you can take C540

If a student receives a 2.75 GPA or greater they will be eligible to apply to the EMBA portion of the program.  In addition, while enrolled in the BMC, students are required to participate in our coaching and mentoring program.  

2. EDP EMBA (33 Credit Hours):

The EMBA portion of the BMC—EMBA Track is highly competitive and only 20 students will be accepted.  Acceptance into the EMBA will be based on:

  • Performance in the Business Management Certificate portion
  • GRE/GMAT Scores or Letter of Support from supervisor/manager
  • A review of work experience/resume, personal statement, and all transcripts

Once accepted into the EMBA portion, students will need to take an additional 33 credits hours and attend two one-week in-residences that will be heavily focused on the career development and executive coaching skills aspect.

Curriculum (Two courses per term maximum):

  1. Two courses not taken from the Business Management Certificate list (6 credits)
  2. C511: Organizational Development and Change (In-residence) (1.5 credits)
  3. C514: Managing Human Resources in a Global Environment (In-residence) (1.5 credits)
  4. C562: Developing Strategic Capabilities(3.0 credits)
  5. X532: Kelley Capstone Experience (3.0 credits)
  6. X521: Global Talent Challenge (3.0 credits)
  7. C560: Strategic Management and Business Planning (3.0 credits)
  8. C550: Law and Ethics in Business (3.0 credits)
  9. C522: Information Technology (3.0 credits)
  10. Elective (3.0 credits)*
  11. Elective (3.0 credits)*

*Students must obtain approval from an academic advisor prior to enrolling in an elective course.
Students who are not accepted into the EMBA portion of the program are welcome to re-apply. Certificate credit hours can be transferred to the EMBA portion up to three years post certificate completion.

Cost of the Program:

Please contact us for more information.

Financial aid information is available through Student Central at IU Bloomington.  
Note:  Financial aid is only available for the EMBA portion of the program.

Application Requirements*:

  1. Complete Application Parts 1 & 2
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Resume
  5. Minimum of two years work experience
  6. Official Transcripts
  7. GRE/GMAT Scores (within the last five years) or Letter of Support from immediate supervisor or manager that outlines why the candidate is ready to enroll in the EDP EMBA program and the reasons candidate feels that the EDP EMBA is critical for their executive development.**

*Requirements 2—6 can be transferred to the EMBA portion
**Required only for the EMBA portion of the program