Kelley Faculty and Staff Campaign

Building momentum starts with us.

Whether you are working with students or behind the scenes, your dedication to the Kelley School of Business sets it apart among elite business schools. Your gift to the For Kelley From Kelley Faculty and Staff Campaign tells alumni, friends, and corporate partners that the people who know Kelley best believe in Kelley and its mission. Every gift provides direct momentum for the Kelley family, from the Kelley family.

I380008815 Kelley School Shareholders Fund

I320012685 Conrad Prebys Career Services Center

I320001829 Kelley School Undergraduate Diversity Initiatives Fund

I320012147 Kelley Bloomington Women's Initiative Fund

I320014074 Kelley Mental Health Wellness

I320001738 Accounting Departmental Fund

I320001759 Business Economics Department Fund

I320001749 Business Finance Fund

I320001746 Business Marketing Fund

I320001817 Department of Business Law and Ethics

I320001760 Department of Management & Entrepreneurship

I380008873 Operations & Decision Technologies

I320001763 Business Undergraduate Program

I320001935 Undergraduate Business Honors Program Fund

I320001762 Business MBA Program

I380008894 Kelley Direct Online MBA Fund

I320001900 Graduate Accounting Programs

I320001899 Information Systems Graduate Program

I320001764 Business Doctoral Programs

I320001953 Executive Degree Programs

I320001767 Business Undergraduate Scholarship

I320001783 Business MBA Fellowship/Scholarship

I320001970 Kelley Diversity Merit Scholarship

I380012894 Paul Binder Memorial Scholarship

I320001916 Advocates for MSIS Enrichment Fellowship

P370014556 Dan R. Dalton Ph.D. Fellowship

P370013325 Dennis Organ Ph.D. Fellowship

P370013327 Department of Operations & Decision Technologies Ph.D. Fellowship 

P370014462 John Hill Founder’s Scholarship

I320015087 Kelley Changemaker Internship Scholarship

I320001758 Business- Undergraduate Career Services

I320001810 Business- Graduate Career Services

I320001939 Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills

I320001836 Center for Brand Leadership

I320001781 Center for Education and Research in Retail

I380008875 Center for Global Sales Leadership

I320001915 Center for Business of Life Sciences

I320001737 Jeffrey D. Fisher Fund for the IU Center for Real Estate Studies

I320001811 Indiana Business Research Center

I380008834 Institute for International Business

I320001869 Institute for Corporate Governance

I380008836 Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I320001941 Kelley Business Analytics Institute

I320001940 Kelley Institute for Social Impact

I320001950 Jellison Living Learning Center

All gifts made by faculty and staff during fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023) count toward the For Kelley From Kelley Campaign.

Maximize your giving with an Indiana tax credit.

You likely qualify for an Indiana Tax Credit for your gift to Kelley. Indiana taxpayers may take a tax credit up to 50% of their gift to the Kelley School of Business.

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